she loved
little boy
very, very much
-even more
she loved

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  2. Happiness is proactive.

    I could wait for a thousand heads up pennies, a million caught eye lashes, years of birthday candles and all of the shooting starts in the galaxy to do their respective jobs, or I could just start making things happen for myself. 

  3. Thoughts.

    I am making the choice to throw away any preconceived ideas and unfair judgments I have been clinging to in regards to those around me. I have no desire to be proven wrong, rather I only want to know what you are willing to show me. That is enough. I am learning more and more that one is defined by his or her actions, not the words that float around them. 

    Show me. Don’t tell me.
    And I wont let anyone else tell me either.
  4. Bags and boxes
    Under my eyes
    & in my heart.

  5. I’ve had worse ideas than pouring my heart our on the internet after a double dose of NyQuil.